Mist Knacks

Like the last several installments in the series, Final Fantasy XII introduces a new Limit Break system: Mist Knacks. Some of the Mist Knacks are:

* Vaan: レッドスパイラル (Reddosupairaru; Red Spiral)
* Ashe: 北斗骨砕斬 (Hokuto Kotsusaizan; Bone Shattering Slash of the North Star)

* Balthier: 略奪のコンパス (Ryakudatsu no Conpasu; Compass of Thievery)
* Fran: 乱命割殺掌 (Ranmeihassasshou; Chaotic Splitting Deadly Palm)
* Basch: 闇と暗黒の衝撃 (Yami to Ankouku no Shougeki; Impact of Absolute Darkness)
* Penelo: 生殺与奪 (Seisatsu Yodatsu; Power Over Life & Death)

Characters learn Mist Knacks by progressing to specific squares on the License Board, usually at the edges or corners. Upon activation, the corresponding square will disappear from the License Boards of all five of the other characters. Each character can learn a total of three Mist Knacks. When a character learns their initial level 1 Mist Knack, it requires a full 100% MP bar to use it. Upon learning their level 2 Mist Knack, the character's MP bar is divided into two sections, and it requires only 50% of the bar to use the level 1 Mist Knack, and a full bar to use the level 2. When level 3 three is learned, the MP bar is divided into three. Now level 1 will require one third of the bar, level 2 requires two thirds, and the level 3 Mist Knack requires the full bar. The name Mist Knack and all other names given for the Limit Breaks apply only to the Japanese version of the game; it may be renamed in the English version.

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