There are a wide variety of races that inhabit Ivalice, here they are:

Humes are commonly known as Humes in Ivalice. They are varied from different looking to different, weakness' inteligence levels, body features and cultural attidutes. Ivalice among Humes are inhabited with various creatures, some less inteligent races, Humes use as manual labour and slaves. Ivalice is populated by Humes which make up close to 45% of their population.

Viera are tall slender creatures of the forest, they have tall ears and beautiful silver hair. They are able to live up to three times longer than Humes and have two variations, Veena Viera which have white skin and Rava Viera which have brown skin (Fran). Their tall ears and sharp sight can help them spot prey from far away and ears help them listen to even the softest of footsteps. Many centuries ago the Veira lost their homeland to a war which lead to their forest bieng split up, they started integrating with Humes, the pure blooded Viera remained in the forest and practiced their traditions.


A race that evolved from reptiles, they have hard scaled muscular bodies, one of their main features is long low-hanging ears. There are four kinds of Bangaas. Bangaa-Ruga have yellow-brown skin with short ears and are very gentle. Bangaa-Faas have bronze skin and have amazing athletic skills which in the Bangaa language Faas means charcoal grey skin. Other that physical difference Bangaas have simialar intelligence and lifestyles to Humes, although Bangaas live alot longer than Humes they have relatively low reproduction cycles. Bangaas have their own society and own laws to keep order which co-exist with Ivalice laws, there is even special magic for bangaas. Few Bangaas become thugs and attack people mainly Bangaa-Ruga.

Moogles are well known for their cute appearance, soft hair, bat-like wings and pom-pom's on their heads, Moogles are one of the shortest creatures in Ivalice measuring in at 80-120cm tall. Thier lifestyles and cultres are similar to Humes but their Intelligence surrpasses that of any race in Ivalice, with their knowledge of field engineering, Moogles were said to be the first to build airships. There are also Moggles that surpass the inteligence of the average Moogle that they are able to learn of the technology called Etoria. Moogles have a specialy tailored city that is at the capital. Moogles mostly inhabit the cities most Moogles become engineers very few Moogles become Knights or Mages.

Seeqs are a race that evolved from pigs, they are as tall as humans, fat and their mental cappacity isn't very high. They are surprisingly speedy and are very skilled warriors they rely mainly on speed for thier attack. Mercenraries and guardians are their main sorce of income. They are barbaric creatures with lack of morals alot of them are thieves and steal so called "shiny objects" like diamonds and jewels which they use to decorate their hideous bodies.

Nu Mou:
Nu Mou are a race that appeared in Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced and are also in this game, though you don't see many around but they are there, they have elephatine characteristics and specialise in magic, they are gentle and timid creatures that co-exists with the other races in Ivalice in harmony, they are close to the same height as Humes.

Credit: FF12, FF12-Europe, Wiki

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