Developer: Square-Enix
Genre: Role Playing Game
Publisher: Square Enix
Platform: Play Station 2

Format: DVD-ROM

Official Japanese Site:FinalFantasyXII.com
Official North American Site: FFXII.com

Developers / Creators:

Creator: Yasumi Matsuno

Director: Hiroyuki Ito and Hiroshi Minagawa
Producer: Akitoshi Kawazu
Character Designer: Akihiko Yoshida
Chief Programmer:
Takashi Katano
Battle Designer: Kazutoyo Maehiro

What Is It:

Final Fantasy XII is the twelfth instalment into the Final Fantasy series created by Square-Enix. It is the latest and greatest in the series and has been long awaited since it was first announced. Focusing mainly on the new battle system and seamless environment. A whole new city and enviroment making a fresh change from Spira. This is "The most anticipated RPG of all time."

Release Dates:

March 16th 2006

October 31st 2006


Box Art:

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